• Free Hold Land
    • Project Planning (Site Placement & Pipeline Routing)
    • Attending project kick off meetings
    • Attending on going project meetings
    • Determine Ownership and Occupancy and impacted parties
    • Determine Appropriate Compensation for Project Area
    • Title Review
    • Obtaining Survey Permission
    • Review of Surveys
    • Attendance of On-site Construction meetings, where required
    • Research of compensation in area
    • Completion of ERCB Directive 56 Consultation and Notification Requirements
    • Acquisition of required documentation for the project
  • Crown Land
    • Project Planning (Site Placement & Pipeline Routing)
    • ERCB Directive 56 Consultation and Notification Requirements
    • Forestry Officer and Public Lands Officer consultation and liaison
    • First Nation Consultation and On-Site Meetings
      • Meeting with First Nation Bands where required
      • Consultation as per Consultation Guidelines
      • Timeline reporting for records and licensing
    • Title Review
    • Coordination and Review of Survey
    • Coordination and Review of EFR’s / Supplement Documents where required
    • Creation of LAT Reports
    • Review of Historical Sites
    • Acquisition of Required Dispositions
    • Completion of ERCB Directive 56 Consultation and Notification Requirements
  • Surface Rights Board Hearings
    • Preparation of documentation for application to SRB
    • Consultation with Landowner, Occupants and third parties affected by application
    • Preparation of material for hearings
    • Conducting Appraisals or Coordinating of Appraisals where required
    • Conducting Site visits
    • Photographing of sites
    • Research of area compensation trends
    • Research of sales within area where required


  • Preparation of compliant Project Information Packages
  • Consultation of Projects as per ERCB Directive’s
  • Determine and contact of resident/landowners with respect to Directive’s
  • Preparation of ERCB audit packages when required
  • Consultation with First Nation Bands in compliance with Federal and Provincial Guidelines
    and the Band requirements


  • Market Value Appraisals
  • Damage Estimates
  • Specialty Appraisals
  • Commissioner for Oaths
  • Land Title Searches
  • Corporate Searches


  • Attendance at SRB & ERCB Hearings
  • Attendance at Alberta Land Compensation Board
  • Attendance at Court of Queens Bench


  • Completion of Required Documentation based on project
  • Completion of ERCB Directive 56 Notification and Third Party Requirements
  • Preparation of accurate, complete and compliant final packages
  • Preparation of crossing binders, where required
  • Project Reporting and Updates
  • Title Searches
    • Pulling required titles for clients
    • Review of Titles and forwarding information to clients
  • Conservation Searches
    • Pulling required search to determine Historic
  • Registration of documents
    • Caveats
    • Utility Right of Ways
    • Partial Surrenders
    • Specialty Documents
  • Reclamation Searches


  • Damage Settlements
    • Assessment of Damages Claim
    • Take pictures
    • Negotiate/Facilitate required settlements
  • Rent Reviews
    • Review of Agreement and Existing Rentals compared to current rates and trends in area
    • Completion of Documentation and negotiation of Reviews where required


  • Acquisition of FH Mineral Leases in Company Name or confidentially
  • Payment of rentals where required


  • Confidentially allow clients to use the McNally Land Services Ltd. name in bidding
  • Transfer of leases or licenses upon successful bids
  • Payment of rentals where required

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